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The sharing of photos with friends, the filters and lenses that can be used, and not to mention Stories and its wonders! It's not as shaky and unsharp as found footage movies but isn't a normal filmed movie embodies the whole social network very well. Mehh: - I believe it's a movie that you either watch at the cinema or not at all. If you expect more than that, you will get disappointed. Overall: 6.5/10 If you get a ticket, if you can convince a group of friends to join you, if you just want a date flick or are just bored and want to be entertained, this is the perfect horror movie for you.In order to save media you wish to see again, there are a few things you can do.Apps available on the i Tunes Store, or on the Play Store, are an amazing way to fulfill your desire 1).

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Lost Cities Written and Performed by Zoe Chatfield, Athena Demaille-Von Schmidt and Emily Gregonis Performed by The Bandshes (uncredited) Courtesy of The Bandshes By Arrangement with Signature Tracks See more » OK, I usually don't write reviews for movies, but as of today there are only reviews for the trailer and I find this to be quite stupid...similar to judging a book by its cover or by its summary... I just came out of the first screening of this movie in Canada.

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