Updating my verizon network number

I really can’t see myself sticking with a carrier-branded or locked phone at any time in the near future.

But a post on a Verizon tech-support forum from an official representative offers a few more details:• The models involved are the A, C, D, E and F versions of the Actiontec MI424WR (first on sale at Amazon back in 2007) and the A and C versions of the Westell 9100EM (first offered at Amazon in 2010).• If you don’t want to pay the .80-plus-tax surcharge, you can buy a refurbished Fios ME424WR G or I router for .99 or buy the “Quantum Gateway” that replaced it for 9.99.I'm so frustrated by this, but despite the fact that Motorola has been advertising that their unlocked G4 phone will work on Verizon on July 12th when it launches in the U. Multiple Verizon agents have confirmed to me that they do NOT support this phone.They started by asking for the phone's IMEI #, which I gave them and quadruple checked each time I gave a new agent this number.If your data isn’t working the problem may be your APN.Your Android phone should automatically set up the APN when you put the SIM card in your phone.

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