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They chose the name The Kills because it ‘could be from any decade’.

And Jamie Hince's band, The Kills, appear to reference Kate Moss, 42, in their latest music video, 'Doing it to Death', which sees singer Alison Mosshart, 37, strike an uncanny resemblance to the supermodel. They have been a duo for more than a decade, producing four albums — including one called . ‘I can only cope with it when it’s bitterly, bitterly cold.’ Jamie Hince laughs at her. He used to carry around a parasol because he said that a suntan was incompatible with rock’n’roll.’ ‘The sun,’ says Alison sententiously, dragging on a cigarette, ‘gives you cancer.’ Like all the best rock bands, The Kills have a touch of Spinal Tap about them.After the group show in New York they offered me a solo show in New York a year later, and it was a really great reason to hunker down in my studio and paint and paint and paint and really try to push it.I'd never had a focus or a reason to push it before, and I ended up with this fucking ton of work [laughs]. I'm recording a Dead Weather record, and a Kills record, and I have been for the past year.

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