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His Grand Tour of the classical sites of the Mediterranean was a homosexual predation, though popular in his epic Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, which describes the progress of world-weary young man seeking distraction in foreign lands.

In addition to the scandalous affair with Lady Caroline Lamb, he is thought to have had a child in an incestuous union with his half-sister Augusta.

Their backstory is skilfully meshed with a scene at a cocktail party given by a wealthy donor at the hospital where Jake works.

Convinced he will find Sheila having sex with a stranger, Jake hunts for his wife upstairs, but instead finds himself in a compromising situation with the host, Rachel, a double mastectomy survivor whose overt desire entices.

In the 70s, Dr Alex Comfort wrote a book called The Joy of Sex, and it featured a fairly hirsute man and his unshaven hirsute partner.

When therapy unearths an abusive past, Sheila’s recovery and subsequent sexual awakening seems centred on anyone but her husband.

The charismatic Byron was variously described as flamboyant, mercurial and given to extremes of temper.

You might have thought the deconstructionists would have gone for him but they thought he was not political enough, though the politics is there in the satire." Alan Rawes's conviction is that the complex interaction between Byron's art and his politics, beliefs and sexuality will speak to the 21st century in ways which will enable him to be properly appreciated in Britain for the first time.

Should we have more respect for Byron's literary works?

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He was a keen advocate of armpit sex – doing all sorts of things with your armpit; not shaving it, just the smell of the pheromones – those sexual hormones were a very keen aphrodisiac.

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