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If a petition is not signed by either the petitioner or counsel, a signed document must be filed within seven (7) days or the petition may be dismissed.

Current information regarding fees and the number of copies required by the clerk may be found on the court’s website ((a) Motion.

: Matters relating to termination or continuation of automatic stay under §362.

The following categories are generally more applicable to accountants and financial advisors, but may be used by all professionals as appropriate. The clerk must accept for filing any petition in bankruptcy.

: Coordination and compliance activities, including preparation of statement of financial affairs; schedules; list of contracts; United States trustee interim statements and operating reports; contacts with the United States trustee; general creditor inquiries.

: Formulation, presentation, and confirmation; compliance with the plan confirmation order, related orders, and rules; disbursement and case closing activities, except those related to the allowance and objections to allowance of claims.

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