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Evangelist Billy Graham explained during the historic Los Angeles crusade that put him on the map that the only way America could oppose communism was if it first experienced spiritual revival.

grew increasingly concerned about the secularization of higher education and the influence of religious liberalism in denominational colleges. Every summer in Vacation Bible School, we pledged our allegiance to the American flag, then the Christian flag, then the Bible."Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities," Paul writes, "for there is no authority except that which God has established" (v. Any rebellion or dissent against the government is "rebelling against what God has instituted" (v. The relationship between rulers and citizens seems clear in Romans. Here we enjoy the Constitutional separation of church and state, which means the government doesn't meddle in religious affairs. And we can easily think of these civil servants as "God's servants," especially if they are Christians themselves.This is where things like demands, pleading, and even begging for what “should be” creep in and get in the way.One Sunday morning in college, I attended church with an Austrian friend who hadn't been to many American churches. Is there a danger for Christians, who are citizens of the kingdom of heaven, in putting too much hope in, or having too much affection for, any earthly kingdom? At minimum, the word denotes love, devotion, and a commitment to protect one's country. However, displaying a flag in a worship service implies that there is something inherently duty to love and support America, it is also a Christian duty. This extreme point of view fails to take into account the historical context of Paul's letter to the Romans and reads into it certain American assumptions.

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Medical specialists tried everything, but by the fall of 1996, the seizures were occurring daily, sometimes hourly. He wondered if she would even make it to her 30th birthday.

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