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I would like to know more about you if you don’t mind. Odnoklassniki (en ruso, "Compañeros de clase"1 ) es una red social rusa.SCAMMER ALSO OPENS FAKE-ACCOUNTS FROM THEIR ALLEGED CHILDREEN OR GRANDCHILDREEN AND VICTIM BELIEVE THEY ARE REALLY TALKING WITH THE KIDS: BUT IN TRUTH THE VICTIM IS SPEAKING WITH THE SCAMMER This he wrote to me on Netlog (2013-04.03) WOW!! I have been looking at your profile for hours and had to register so as to contact you. I care for women alot, i can proudly tell you that my mother breath her last breath on my hands to show you how much i could care for a woman.I have always care for every woman that comes my way but i was once married but i lost my wife by breast cancer since then i have been alone with my only daughter due to my work i tell my sister to take her to Australia with her to studywhy are you still single?So we can suppose that have a one owner and belong to the one network."Alone Angels: east european alone women, girls, brides" - it's the title of the site.

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