An error occurred while validating 80004005

The script now uses a function that will popup the command windows so you can see the progress and if it gets stuck, it takes time to run it.

The mopst important thing to remember is to reboot before you run the script, since all patches must be installed correctly, in some cases that might need to reboots, since a few patches doers require that (should not, but…) When you create a reference Image it will in most cases it will be updated with patches and some more patches and then some…

I currently have a process that spawns thousands of jobs (much like a batch job) which I would ideally like to process on multiple servers.

In my testing environment I have 4 Windows Server 2008 R2 servers running our ASP. 1 of the servers has a public queue called //create the sql server storage and use MSMQ queuing var sql Server Storage = new Sql Server Storage(Database Manager.

Receive(Message Queue queue, Time Span timeout) at Hangfire.

Dequeue(String[] queues, Cancellation Token cancellation Token) at Hangfire. Execution will be retried (attempt 2 of 2147483647) in seconds.

That's a real pain; naturally I'd like to automate it.The cause of the issue is that another process (such as anti-virus, desktop search, or backup software) is accessing GSMME's database file during the migration.The tool isn’t able to save a record of the message.My setup project, when opened in Visual Studio 2008 gave the same error, but was OK in Visual Studio 2010.If copied to another machine that did not have Visual Studio 2010, but did have Visual Studio 2008, then it would compile.

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