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She was a sweet houseguest, although our own two cats didn’t think so.Fortunately, we are empty nesters with enough space that our feline lodger had her own two-room suite. We are long-time devoted pet owners ourselves, so I wasn’t surprised at the amount of equipment, toys and other accoutrements that my niece dropped off with her “only child.” I was, however, slightly bemused by the tube of Freshpet refrigerated food she brought in a cooler.Pet owners are focused on dietary health and trying new things.They don’t sit around the house all the time, either.Most of us would agree that it would be a lesser world without pets.If you’re a pet person, do you share your home with your pets or do they live outside?In addition to generating more income by filling vacancies year-round, a study conducted by the Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare (FIREPAW) found that pet-friendly rentals also have the potential to bring in 20% to 30% more rent than properties that don’t allow pets.

I dutifully purchased refills during our guest’s stay, but didn’t become a convert.FIREPAW’s study stated that most often there was limited to no damage done to a property by a pet, and the increased profits more than made up for any potential risks hosting a pet posed.Here are some tips to ensure that the monetary benefits of allowing pets at your rental go straight to your bank account and not to fixing rare damages. Get your old baby gates out of the attic and use them to block off areas of your home that you do not want pets to enter.Welcome to our Searchable Database of thousands of Pet Friendly Motels and Hotels!Simply type in the city you'd like to find a hotel in, the dates you'd like to take your trip on and click on the "Search" button ex.

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